#TBT News- “McDonald’s Let People Name Their Own Burger Creations and of Course It Backfired Hilariously”

twentytwowords.com – This week, a McDonald’s in New Zealand made the mistake of allowing customers to go online and make their own sandwich creations, than name them.

via: The Chive

Of course, we’ve learned from Lay’s and Mountain Dew that doing such a thing generally results in people creating gross or ridiculous things, then slapping a terrible, offensive name on them.

Somewhat fortunately, the result from the McDonald’s event was more funny than anything, as you’ll see below!

Whenever these campaigns come up it immediately reminds me how out of touch these big wigs are. Just once scroll down Facebook and Twitter and you should instantly know that the internet is not to be trusted with ANY of this….but it’s definitely hilarious. 

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