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I’ve ranted and raved to anyone that’s crossed my path about how good LHFC is and even still I don’t think that does them justice. Big Al recently discussed them on episode 2 of the Just Grubbin Podcast and I also talked about them in my Philly Bite article, here’s the excerpt about Love & Honey from my article, ‘My Road to Becoming a Philadelphia Foodie’:

Love & Honey Fried Chicken – One of the best/worst things about getting into the whole foodie scene is managing the social media accounts. It’s the best because I get introduced to all sorts of new foods and restaurants, it’s terrible because when you’re hungry your whole social media timeline is filled with all sorts of new foods and restaurants. Oh the irony, but one of the great things I discovered on Instagram was Love & Honey Fried Chicken in Northern Liberties. After reading a couple of great reviews I called up my boy Big Al and off we went to try some chicken. The first thing we noticed was the line, people were packed into the restaurant on a Friday night waiting patiently for their meals.

The second thing we noticed was the smell, it was a heavenly aroma permeating around the whole block. The last thing we noticed was that the owners, Todd and Laura Lyons were preparing and cooking the chicken with their staff and not just delegating. Right then and there, we knew the food was going to be lit. Boy oh boy were our assumptions proved correct. After introducing ourselves to Todd and Laura (the coolest most down to earth people you’ll ever meet) we grabbed our food and took it outside.

What happened after that was nothing short of barbarity, the big fella and I decided to dip into our bag and try a piece of chicken each right in the parking lot. This “sampling” turned into us devouring basically every part of our meal and repeating over and over again to ourselves “DAMN this is some good chicken……. I just can’t get over how good this is”. It was so good that Big Al couldn’t contain his joy and went immediately back inside to rain adulation upon the new culinary power couple. All jokes aside this is one of the best things that I’ve tried this summer, so I highly recommend you giving them a shot if you’re a fried chicken lover like myself. They even got the Quest Love stamp of approval when he was in town for the Roots Picnic.


There’s not exaggeration in there at all….. we literally couldn’t wait until we got back to the car and began smashing that chicken right there on some abandoned building’s steps like absolute heathens. Our mothers’ would have been ashamed of us but then my mom actually tried the chicken recently and said we made the right decision, it’s simply that phenomenal.


Big Al summed it up best on the podcast… we definitely walked in there with some predetermined prejudices because let’s face it, we’ve tried a lot of fried chicken in our day and usually the stuff that makes your knee’s weak is made by someone that resembles Big Mama from the movie Soul Food. Well Todd and Laura definitely shut that one down for us, because we both walked away from there confused and befuddled… all of a sudden we had to rethink everything we ever knew. Maybe the earth is flat, did we really land on the moon, are there really that many flavors in Dr. Pepper?? The only thing that we knew for certain is that LHFC sky rocketed up our top 10 chicken charts. Leer is one of our more particular bloggers when it comes to his food and I believe his quote on the last show was “Oh man that’s some good fuckin’ chicken.”

On our latest trip to Philly scratch our Love & Honey chicken itch I made sure to grab some of their mac and cheese that I kept hearing so much about. Their creamy mac and cheese is made with a white cheddar and comes with toasted breadcrumbs, it’s fantastic and will be a part of my order from now on. While we were there Al and I got to chatting with culinary power couple they revealed to us some new menu items that they rolled out recently. A couple items aren’t revealed yet but just know that it made me and Al very very excited when they shared the news and we look forward to being one of the first few grubbers to them a taste.  One of the new items that we can tell ya’ll about is their October pie of the month, that has sold out immediately every day since they dropped it. It’s a chocolate and peanut butter cream pie with a pretzel crust topped with fresh whipped cream and peanut pretzel bark.

385F9E91-AE6A-4FA2-B113-4EF46430DF2BAs I stated above in the Philly Bite article, their one of the best places I’ve tried this summer and their spectacular customer service and always friendly demeanor are just a bonus. If you’re a fried chicken fan or just a fan of good food in general do yourself a favor and give them a shot for lunch or dinner, it’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve made.

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