News – “Rick and Morty fans, McDonald’s is bringing back Szechuan sauce” – You did it, Rick and Morty. You made the impossible a reality.

McDonald’s announced today that it’s bringing back its famous Szechuan sauce for one day only on Oct. 7. McDonald’s has made it very clear that the sauce isn’t going to be available for long, and it’s going to go fast. In a press release, a company representative confirmed the sauce would be available in “limited quantities for a limited run available in restaurant for one day only.”

The move may seem odd for those who haven’t been paying attention to Rick and Morty or Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland’s Twitter account. A joke about Szechuan sauce was included in Rick and Morty’s season three premiere, which debuted on April Fool’s Day and was available to watch online for 48 hours. The internet became aflame with demands for McDonald’s to bring back the limited-time sauce. McDonald’s issued three jars of Szechuan sauce to lucky fans via a contest on Twitter the night Rick and Morty officially returned at the end of July, but didn’t have any updates for fans who wanted to get their hands on it. One fan ended up selling his jar of Szechuan sauce to DJ Deadmau5 for an undisclosed amount after a bid on eBay for more than $4,000 fell through.

I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan and have put a handful of my friends on to its brilliance. With that being said one of my favorite episodes is the one they’re talking about in the article, it’s hilarious for  numerous reasons but the biggest one is Rick’s speech at the end. Just phenomenal writing and made me want to try this sauce that I’ve never even heard of, welp looks like I finally have my chance.

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