News – “People Confess Their ‘Fattest’ Experiences, And We Can All Relate”

foodbeast.comI’m pretty sure we’ve all had a night where we just left the gym, hungry as hell. In our weakness, we decided to feed that hunger with a couple McDoubles, a couple Doritos Locos Tacos, and a Jumbo Jack, shamelessly eating it all in the darkness of your car. That’s not just me, right?

OK, that’s just me, but I’m not alone in having a fat moment or two, as users took to Reddit, confessing their lowest moments of food gluttony.


The question was simple, “What’s the ‘fattest’ thing you’ve ever done?” and the answers came pouring in one of the saddest, yet relatable Reddit threads ever:


In the Name of Free Delivery


“We can all relate” is a helluva understatement here. I meeaaaann me, my cousin Chris and Leer may or may not have stopped at like 5 different greasy food establishments and we may or may not have gotten something to eat from each of these establishments all in the same night……possibly all within a hour….don’t you judge us!

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  1. foodologist5

    It’s like beating the game Gears of War on the easiest level and then saying “you know what, I’m going to redo these missions on the hardest level, fuck it.” With that being said… it’s sad to say, that if my grubbin family was down to redo this mission again, I’m READY to redo this on the highest level of Foodtivities!

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