News – “The 11 Best Food Scenes in Disney Movies” – We’re not sure what kind of Mickey Mouse wizardry is behind it, but Disney knows how to make food look good, even in cartoon form. Somehow the animated stuff comes across as just as delicious as glossy hi-res shots in certain magazines (ahem). From heaping plates of fried beignets to a towering layer cake that would make any 10-year-old (or… adult) suddenly crave buttercream frosting, here are the 11 best food scenes from Disney movies, according to the food and Disney obsessives of Bon Appétit.

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Baking a Pie in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Of all of the animals handling food in Disney movies, none are more endearing than the birds who help Snow White prepare a gooseberry pie for Grumpy. They sprinkle flour with their flapping tails, print perfect decorations in the crust with their feet, and trim the excess dough with their beaks like a bunch of little sous chefs. As Snow White finishes, the Evil Witch shows up and tries to convince her to bake an apple pie instead handing her over fruit from a basket. All the birds know that this is because the apples are poisonous, so off they fly to warn the seven dwarfs. Now that’s some high-stakes baking.

This is a cool list for all of you Disney loving foodies out there, feel like their missing anything? Let us know below!


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