Heinz 57 – Try? Or No Buy? 

So autumn is here and I’m re-acclimating myself to my kitchen. Since we started Just Grubbin I’ve been eating out A Lot. Now, I’m tryna get back to my roots and be the cooking god I was born to be. Fortunately I’d just picked up this Heinz 57, the perfect ingredient to test how much culinary juice I have left.

I chopped my pepper, onion and entirely too much garlic, seasoned my chicken with salt,  black pepper, paprika and sage (fancy, I know), preheated my oven to 350 and turned my cast iron on high. Not in that order. Use your common sense, we’re not That kind of blog.

Once everything was chopped, seasoned and hot I seared my chicken thighs for two minutes on each side. During the last thirty seconds on the second side I added peppers onions and garlic in the valleys between the chicken then threw the whole thing in the oven for 15 minutes.

While that was going I did a couple of push-ups and poured some of that 57 sauce in a shallow dish. After the 15 minutes was up I gently dipped the chicken in the sauce, both sides, returned them to the cast iron and baked for another 10 minutes. Boom, cooked to perfection. I should quit my day job and do this for a living.

The Heinz 57 says “Zesty” on the bottle but it  reminds me of a peppery BBQ sauce you might get at a family reunion BBQ. Definitely a buy. Added just the right flavor to those thighs.

Don’t worry about the other side of the plate. That’s a South African specialty I’ll tell you about another time. 😈

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