Blacksauce Kitchen – Baltimore,MD

So its been a while since my last review, but that’s because everywhere I have been lately has just been blahh, and just alright. I really only want to review great places, and Blacksauce Kitchen is one of them, so that people visiting the city of Baltimore can experience the real Baltimore, and not all those bullshit chain restaurants down in the harbor , the places you don’t need to leave your town to eat there (you know who I the places I’m talking about).

I had gottem some great intel on this place (thanks Susan!!) so for dinner it was a no brainer to check this spot out. Located in the heart of the Remington section of Baltimore, Blacksauce is located on a corner of a very tight city street and at first sight, the grey building looks almost uninhabited. But after further examination and the delicious aroma coming from the screened back door, I knew I had found it.

blacksauce 2

So as I walk in, I get hit harder than a Mike Tyson right hook with delicious smells of smoked and grilled meats. I had already peeped the menu on their Instagram page (give them a follow if you love food porn, and if you’re from Baltimore, @blacksaucekitchen) so I had kinda already knew what I was going to order. The play was to try a lot. And a lot it was. I ordered up the lamb patty melt, a succulent burger patty made from ground lamb, then griddled to melt the unknown style of cheese. On top of the patty melt came what seemed to be a caramelized onion jelly, which was so fucking good, I would eat that on plain toast! Second item ordered was the fried turkey sandwich. I didn’t really know what to expect for this because there was no description. My initial thought was deep fried turkey like a thanksgiving turkey then carved and put into a sandwich. I was wrong. This sandwich was turkey breast, breaded in some of the best breading I have had to this day. Now what made this sandwich exceptional was the, possible cranberry jelly sauce and the arugula added to the Sammy. The sweet and tart cranberry sauce paired with the spicy bite of the arugula paired so well with the spice blend found in the deep fried breading. This sandwich was my favorite thing I ordered, and believe me when I tell you, that patty melt banged soooo hard, that if you get the opportunity to get both, do so.

blacksauce 4

You can’t have sandwiches with out sides, so the order for sides was grilled zucchini bread, and mac and cheese. The grilled zucchini bread was a wild card. I didn’t know what to expect, but when I opened it up to see it was a normal baked zuke bread only to be reheated the chef grilled it until there was charred grill marks on the bread. So unconventional but soooooo good! The mac and cheese was exceptional. The flavor of the dish was smoky, and creamy, and had a great crisp to it, it looked like it was placed under a broiler for a couple of minutes.


Blacksauce Kitchen only opens the store front 1 day a week, on Thursdays. And quite frankly, it may become my new dinner spot every Thursday. Looking back at a couple of the menus and some of the items being made sound and look fucking magical.

Take a look for yourself.

Happy Grubbin!


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