Grubbin Sports College Football: BYU Allows Soda On Campus And Now Their Football Team Sucks. Direct Correlation? Let’s Dig Into This. 

The answer is these darn kids are too jacked up on mountain dew to concentrate on some Foosball game and its ruining a storied program. I find it “odd” that a program that had 11 straight winning seasons just “forgot” how to win.

So there’s only one answer and its CAFFEINE. Since soda was legalized on campus the football team is like an 8 year old who finally had his first pixie stick and is just foaming at the mouth and jumping off the walls. How can they focus on the play calls when all they can think about is when are they getting their next fix?! 3 hours is a long time to go without a Mr. Pibb.

BYU is already depriving them of alcohol, tobacco and sex so this is the only way they can get their rocks off without being kicked off campus. Who would have thought this jabroni Larry Culpepper would lead to the end of a storied football program. I for one sure didn’t.

So ask yourself this BYU. Is that fine looking Coke bottle with its twist off cap, smooth glass neck and refreshing taste worth the downfall of your football program? Only you can answer that…..


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