News – “90s Kids, You Can Get ‘Rugrats’ Reptar Bars This Week” – Slime Time Live may not be coming back on the air anytime soon, but you can get a taste of the ’90s this week with FYE’s ‘Rugrats’-themed candy bar, and it’s just as neon green.

You may remember FYE as your middle school mall hangout, or the place you went to get CDs and DVD box sets for holiday presents. As it turns out, the entertainment store is still alive and well, and selling tons of pop culture merch.


According to a Facebook post by the store last week, the green-frosting-filled chocolate bars are now available in stores, and they’re based off Tommy, Chuckie, and the gang’s favorite dinosaur, Reptar. Just like the dinosaur-shaped candy bar eaten on the show, FYE’s Reptar bars will leave you with a neon-green tongue.

There are more than 250 FYE locations around the country, and you can find one here. In case you can’t get your hands on one of these bad boys, FYE is also selling Reptar cereal online.

Yasssssssss! Anyone that watched Rugrats as a youngin’ and say’s they never wanted to try one of these are a damn liar and I won’t hear otherwise. What a time to be alive.

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