Power Rankings: Big Al’s Chinese Food Delight

Hello all, I know it’s been awhile since you’ve seen words on a screen typed by yours truly, but I’M BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK! If you know me or have heard anything about me, then you should know that one of my favorite types of food is Chinese Food. I’ve almost made it my mission to stop by any Chinese food spot I come across (within good reason of course).

Lauren & the rest of the Grubbers have been nagging me to do this power ranking for a while now…. like that back pain that’s still lingering around after you just carried 10 bags of groceries in at once with three full gallons of milk in those bags…. and on top of that you live on the 7th floorANDDD the elevator was out. So here the fuck it goes ladies and gentlemen, this is my TOP 3 Chinese Food Takeout Restaurants in the NJ/PA/DE area.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Big Al, only 3 fucking restaurants? What type of damn power ranking is that, for a connoisseur of Chinese Cuisine?” Well here is my answer to that question……. Fuck ya’ll questions, this is my DAMN POWER Rankings! I’m just getting my feet wet again with this blogging shit, now go ahead and back up & give me 3 feet. I’ll start to bless you all with more content as time goes on….maybe…possibly.

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3. Mayflower – Marlton, NJ

I started going to Mayflower around 2012, and it’s about a 3 minute drive from my crib in Mt.Laurel. To summarize my relationship with them lets just say they don’t know me by name there per say BUT I go there so much that if I show up to pick up my food & forget my wallet they simply say to me , “It’s ok you can just pay it later on.” The main woman working there (her name escapes me at the moment) is always so pleasant & the food is always on point.

Top Dishes

  1. General Tso’s Shrimp Combo (This is the Big Al Special, it might cost a lil more and may not even be on the menu at all but trust me…you can order it..FANTASTIC.)
  2. Boneless SpareRib/Combo
  3. General Tso’s Chicken Combo
  4. Chow Fun
  5. General Tso’s Chicken wings

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2. King’s Wok – Sicklerville, NJ

Now this place could easily be my #1 on this list but the top spot won out because it’s a little bit more near and dear to my heart. King’s overall though is one of the best places I’ve been to in this country. Everyone working there is very friendly and can get jokes off with the best of them. The one possible knock on them is that they don’t deliver, now I say possible knock on them because damn near any place that doesn’t deliver is legit because they know their food is so good that people will come and get it.

 Top Dishes

  1. General Tso’s Chicken Combo
  2. Chicken Wings
  3. Any Lo Mein Combo
  4. Any Egg Fo Young Combo
  5. Cheesesteak Egg Rolls


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1. Great Wall – Dover, DE

Now this establishment is pretty much on the same level as King’s Wok but what’s separating them is that this place has a bit of nostalgia for me. This place was a few blocks away from Alma mater, Wesley College. Just like King’s Wok, Great Wall doesn’t deliver & everyone in the city knows that, from locals, to students at Wesley, & Del-State. Back then I didn’t sway too much from the norm, but everything that I had there was beyond elite.

Top Dishes



Now that’s all I’ve got to say about that for now. I’ll holla at ya’ll again,  prob around the next Presidential Election or so…that’s about when I should stumble upon my computer again. I do have one more thing to leave you all with though……….



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