12 Steps Down -Philly

This smoky basement bar (12 Steps below ground, get it? Get it?!?!) is somewhere I’ve been meaning to try ever since I started exploring the South Philly food scene. It’s right at the edge of the Italian Market and I expected the power of the market to show up.

They didn’t disappoint.

Just look how neat those menus are!

The chipotle cheddar burger was lip-smackinly delicious. I’ll never understand why cheddar isn’t the standard cheese for burgers. Some people just don’t get it, I guess. The hand it fries were top notch and definitely on the heartier side.

We also tried the grilled cheese sliders with tomato soup. I’ll be honest, when they came out I was incredulous at the cheese to bread ratio but after dipping, the little sandwiches were actually quite satisfying.

All around a very good meal. But hold on, I can’t leave out this gem:

The Jimmy Jawn! I’m not gonna explain the philly slang that is “jawn” but I will say that this drink was off the hook. Ginger beer touched my Jamaican roots and you can’t go wrong with Jameson. Not sure if this is cultural appropriation or not but I’m gonna let it slide because: Delicious.

Definitely a little bar that I’ll be stopping back at, and not only for the jawn.



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