News – “Police: Man calls in bomb threat to avoid paying restaurant bill” – A Pittsburgh man has been arrested after police say he called in a false bomb threat to try to get out of paying his restaurant bill.

WPXI-TV reports 40-year-old Barry Clapperton faces charges that include threats to use weapons of mass destruction, public drunkenness and false identification to police.

A witness says Clapperton tried to leave multiple times without paying for his meal at Primanti Brothers. Police were called to the scene, and another person paid for Clapperton’s bill.

Police say they were about to let the man leave when bomb threat was called in to a nearby restaurant. Authorities say they used a stun gun to subdue Clapperton after he ran from the restaurant.

Police say Clapperton acknowledged he called in the false threat to create a distraction.

I meaaaaannnnnn we kinda have to hear both sides on this one. I’ve definitely been on a date or two when I had to pull off one of Dave Chappelle’s best scenes, just counting down how much money I had left as the date went a long. So I can see how one would want to try to pull this off. This is just simply a case of a poorly executed plan by my man Barry….and you know he def at least pissed himself after getting tased…smh.

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