News – “Rick and Morty Fans Lose Their Minds Over Fast Food” – Six months ago the cartoon Rick and Morty spent a few minutes making jokes about a forgotten fast food condiment. Yesterday McDonald’s brought that Rick-approved szechuan sauce back in “super-limited” quantities for a single day, only for the show’s fans to completely lose their shit and go nuclear at the pink slime pusher when they weren’t able to get the little tubs full of corn syrup. (There were also posters involved, apparently.) It seems like most locations received around 20 packages of the sauce, not nearly enough to satiate the lines of Mortyheads that snaked through every McDonald’s parking lot.

Twitter, that great sanctum of the irrationally enraged, tells the tale of a fanbase that feels betrayed because they can’t eat the sickly sweet sauce many of them had probably never even heard of before this season. Stories abound of toonheads waiting for hours for this long-dead concoction, their frustrated cries of “wubba wubba lub dub” echoing through the fields and valleys of this great land, some driving mighty distances to taste the thing that was mentioned in like one episode of an okay show several months ago. Talk of boycotts and lawsuits spread quickly, spurring an apology by the under-delivering fast food giant. For a glimpse of the anger, check out the responses to this apology that McDonald’s tweeted last night.

I stated before that I’m a huge Rick and Morty fan and boy was I pissed when me and Jamiel went to try this damn sauce and every location within range of us was sold out. Now we weren’t as mad as some of the nerds in the videos I’ve seen making the rounds on the twitter machine but McDonald’s should have known better than to distribute 20 sauce packets per location. I USE THAT BY MYSELF DAMNIT! They since have apologized and said they are going to re-release the sauce and actually have enough this time….they better.

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