Grubbin Sports: College Football Week 6 Preview

Well week 5 started off with a big battle Thursday night between NC State and Louisville and the Pack is slowly proving they are finally a legitimate contender in the ACC. They still have Clemson to take on later this season but that game may ultimately decide who comes out of the Atlantic. Again Lamar Jackson was contained by a good defense and the lack of weapons around him proves to still be an issue.

Then came the noon shocker where Iowa State came in HOT to Norman and took down the Sooners behind the arm of a former walk on QB and a former QB turned middle linebacker Joel Lanning. Oklahoma yet again drops one to a lesser foe and takes themselves out of the Big 12 driver seat. It won’t be easy getting into the playoff now with this loss.

Florida and LSU was like watching paint dry because their offenses are pathetic. Why it is so hard to find a decent QB in the SEC is beyond me. In the end a shanked extra point was the difference and Coach O’s hot seat went down about 20 degrees until they lose to Auburn this weekend and he will be back to cooking at 450 degrees. The other stunner this weekend was the MiamiFSU game which had a magnificent ending. Blackman looked to have ended it with over a minute left but Rosier had his own story to write and that was a last second TD pass to secure the victory.

The Big 12 had two great battles as TCU took down West Virginia in a back and forth tilt. Then Texas got a much needed victory against K-State in overtime which is just continuing to help Herman build confidence with his team and the Texas fanbase. It hasn’t been pretty this season but I can see the culture change already and the Sooners better watch out this week.

Will everyone get off Harbaugh’s back already! If I see one more person say that he has the same record as Brady Hoke through 31 games I am going to strangle them (yes I know that’s not a realistic threat). If you can’t tell the difference between these two coaches then you are a certified idiot. Hoke was a joke and Harbaugh is the real deal. End of conversation. Yeesh. But yes that was a bad loss because Sparty isn’t that good. 5 turnovers and you only lose by 4 points though means Michigan isn’t bad they just had a bad game. They just need a consistent QB but until that happens 9-3 is probably what you get this year.

Sorry for the mini rant. Off to this weeks preview. Since College Gameday is at JMU I am crowning Auburn-LSU as the game of the week. The Texas-Oklahoma game was a close second. Sad that we have no ranked matchups though.

Game of the Week

#10 Auburn (-7) vs LSU

Big game for both coaches this week. Gus has to prove this new look offense can get it done against a stingy defense and Coach O needs to prove he can actually beat a good team. Florida was somewhat a step to that but it was so ugly that no one in Baton Rouge can really gain any confidence from it. Not enough offense from LSU for me and this one is a 24-13 win for Auburn.


   Best of The Rest

#12 Oklahoma (-7.5) vs Texas

This is a TOUGH game to call. Texas has the momentum but I just can’t see Oklahoma dropping two in a row here. Baker loves playing with his back against the wall so I have the Sooners by 4 points. Can’t wait to watch this one.

#13 USC (-13) vs Utah

The Utes are coming off a tough loss to Stanford but I think that gave them some confidence heading into this matchup. Still not enough to knock off the Trojans this week but they cover. Sam Darnold is going to start getting into championship form this weekend.

#11 Miami (-6) vs Georgia Tech

This is my upset special for the week. Mark Richt had nightmares every year while at Georgia having to face this triple option and he doesn’t get spared at Miami either. However, if anyone knows how to defend it Richt is the guy. That being said I am not a true believer in Miami yet and my boy Paul Johnson pulls it off late as the Jackets win by 3. You will be able to tell about 5 minutes in whether it is going to be a GT upset or Miami route.

Underrated Matchup

   Tennessee (-3) vs South Carolina

I can’t wait to see the Gamecocks slap Butch Jones in the mouth this weekend. I am just so tired of him I almost feel like I am a Vols fan. Good thing is I’m not so I can just sit back and watch the debacle unfold. This is a pivotal game for Tennessee as a win will help soften the blow of the Alabama whoopin they will get next week. From there the schedule lightens up and they “could” make a run to 8-4 as they will lose to either Kentucky or LSU down the stretch. Let’s go Muschamp, get this one done for me.


Welcome To:


     Bad Streak

2-3 on the week to drop me below .500 at 14-15-1 but if you pounded Wazzu like I said to you made out like a bandit. That line was stealin folks. Let’s see what is on tap for this week:

   Against The Spread
UTAH (+13) vs USC
WASHINGTON ST (-14) vs Cal
PURDUE (+16.5) vs Wisconsin
NC STATE (-11) vs Pitt

  Teaser – 6 Points
MINNESOTA (+10/+4) vs Michigan State
AUBURN (-1/-7) vs LSU


I love the Purdue and NC State games and feel good about my teaser. Utah and Wazzu could be reaches this week but only time will tell. 

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