News – “Behind the appeal of America’s craziest fair foods” – If there’s one culinary truism about Americans, it’s that we can deep-fry anything.

Nowhere is that more true than on United States fairgrounds. County fairs, state fairs, street fairs — you name it, and they’re selling fried food on a stick at it.
The expert on these foods is George Geary, author of the book “Fair Foods: The Most Popular and Offbeat Recipes from America’s State & County Fairs.”
“Offbeat” is the key word here, as Geary notes throughout the book how the creators of culinary oddities such as fried Snickers often develop their recipes while trying to outdo each other for the weirdest food.
“It’s a way to get you over there to those vendors,” he says. “Honestly, my foods in the book are not weird compared to some of the stuff coming out now. People are trying to top each other every year.”
As a former cake contest judge and then culinary coordinator for the Los Angeles County Fair, Geary knows his mozzarella sticks from his fried cheese balls.
But that’s not to say every recipe in Fair Foods requires firing up the deep fryer. “I didn’t want them all fried foods,” he tells CNN Travel. “Because that’s what a lot of people think of fair foods — everything’s fried. So I [included] pulled pork sandwiches and stuff like that.”
Some fair foods are, dare we say it, healthy. Or almost.
Here are 11 fair foods worth a look:

Triple cheeseburger donut

Hailing from the Iowa State Fair, this beaut is three beef patties and six slices of American cheese wedged between a Krispy Kreme donut sliced in half.
It’s not as unhealthy as it sounds, either. “Technically, that recipe is a little more than a quarter-pounder,” says Geary. “So they’re small, almost like a slider.”
Go ahead and eat two then.
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I would absolutely destroy every single item they listed in this article, that triple cheeseburger doughnut?! I would absolutely start my Fair visit with that and after taking my 20 minute itis coma nap I would probably go and get one of those spicy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…damnit now I made myself hungry again smh.


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