News – “Jay Z Ate La Barbecue During ACL Festival” – ACL Festival headliner, rapper, and Beyonce’s husband Jay Z dined well before and after his set at the music festival on Friday. He and his crew ordered and ate La Barbecue for lunch and dinner during the ACL gig. There is no word whether Beyonce was with the group in Austin.

Alas, the musician and his crew didn’t stop by La Barbecue’s indoor space at Quickie Pickie. Instead, the large lunch order were delivered backstage to the Zilker Park festival grounds. The takeout dinner order was delivered to his private jet, which left soon after the headlining set.

Jay Z’s crew placed the order a week before, which spans the barbecue usuals, from brisket to turkey to ribs. No pork because the rapper doesn’t eat pig. A La Barbecue staffer shared the full order; scope it out below.

One of the last times Jay Z was in Austin, he reportedly ordered pizza from Via 313. Where will/should the rapper eat during his second ACL Festival performance next weekend?

La Barbecue’s Beyonce candleLa Barbecue’s Beyonce candle Veronica Meewes

Jay Z’s La Barbecue Orders:

For lunch:
Five pounds of brisket
Three pounds of sliced turkey
Potato salad
Chipotle slaw
Smoky mac and cheese
Pinto beans
Red onions
Sandwich buns
Sharp cheddar cheese
Bottled sweet sauce
Bottled tangy sauce

Damn….I lost track of everything I was going to say after reading the order….I’m starving and now I want BBQ. No work is getting done until this craving has been satisfied.

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