News – “Wendy’s Adds Chicken Tenders in Response to ‘Fast Food Frenemy’ McDonald’s Launch”

thedailymeal.comWendy’s added chicken tenders to their menu following the launch of McDonald’s Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders

Earlier this month, McDonald’s introduced new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Tenders to their menu. To keep up with the competition, Wendy’s is following suit. For a limited time only, the fast food chain will offer chicken tenders with a side of “S’Awesome” sauce nationwide.

In a press release, Wendy’s says their new tenders are made with 100 percent all-white chicken breast meat. The side of S’Awesome sauce tastes tangy, sweet, and smoky. Customers who wish to try them can grab three-piece tenders, fries, and small drink for $5.

“We decided to raise the bar because customers deserve better-tasting and quality chicken,” Wendy’s chief concept and marketing office Kurt Kane said in a statement. “After two years of perfecting our new Chicken Tenders and Side of S’Awesome sauce, we knew we had a winner. The only thing left to do was provide these tenders at a price point customers would love.”

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I’ve stated on numerous occasions on the podcast and in writing how much I love Wendy’s so I’m sure that these will be outstanding but ….stop playing with me Wendy and bring back the spicy nuggets and make some spicy tenders. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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