News – “Gordon Ramsay Tries Sushi Pizza and Immediately Spits It Out [WATCH]”

foodbeast.comFood innovations are hit-or-miss in this wacky culture of ours. In order to achieve success, one must find that perfect balance between two completely different dishes. For every cronut, there’s a sushi pizza. As a matter of fact, guess which one Gordon Ramsay can’t stomach?


In a classic episode of Kitchen Nightmares, the world-famous chef visits the failing restaurant Sushi Ko to help the husband and wife owners turn their business around. One of the items he was served on his visit was a sushi pizza made with rice, salmon, crab, mayonnaise, and some cheese.


Sounds scrumptious.

Daaaamn ….imagine being that chef and watching that happen smh. I also don’t blame Gordon though because that concepts seems to be doing a tad too much.

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