News – “8 Hangover Cures from Around the World To Try On Your Worst Sunday Mornings”

foodbeast.comThey say, “no good deed goes unpunished,” but as any party-goer or frat star could tell you, this tenet also rings true when it comes to drinking. However, while you may be taken aback by your drunk alter ego sending a series of “You up?” texts or discovering she stole eleven coasters from the bar, suffering from a hangover is rarely a surprise.


Luckily, to avoid this inevitable fate there are things you can do to stop the ringing in your ear (that only you can hear) or that pounding headache. From greasy meals to uncommon stews, here are eight hangover cures from around the world that go beyond an Egg McMuffin and yellow Gatorade.


Pickle Juice // Poland


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Just like licorice, mayonnaise or Carrie ending up with Big in Sex in the City, pickles are pretty darn polarizing. Yet, while at least half of the population can preach the deliciousness of pickles, essentially no one can say the same for its juices. Apparently, pickle brine is a popular hangover cure in Poland due to its high concentration of electrolytes. Virgin pickleback shot anyone?

 We’re just here to help at JG, I know a handful of you are reading this right now with your brain feeling like its exploding. So do yourself a favor and try one of these hangover cures and have a productive Sunday you degenerates.


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