Diane’s Sidewalk Deli – Chesterbrook, PA

The best…. simply put, Diane’s is the best. Debate your auntie with the bad hip and bad perm, because it’s seriously the greatest deli and it isn’t up for debate.

Now when I say that this the best deli that I’ve EVER been to, I absolutely mean that.  For those of you who say Wawa has good sandwiches, go fuck yourselves. You must love Spam sandwiches and Arby’s, because you absolutely do not know what a real authentic sandwich is. The only reason I stumbled upon this place is because I won a free lunch at work and Diane’s was one of the options. I decided to do a little recon and try it before I wasted a free lunch on it……and boyyyyyy am I happy I did.


I decided on my first trip to try my 2 favorite meals. A hot roast beef sandwich and a buffalo chicken wrap.  I was told at work that if you eat from here you’ll have a meal for at least 2 days because they give you such big portions, but I took that with a grain of salt because people like to exaggerate…. they weren’t lying though. Look at the picture of the roast beef, LOOK AT ALL THAT MEAT! (insert that’s what she said joke here)


They do not gyp you at all when it comes to their portions like I stated earlier. I swear they had to butcher half a cow for that sandwich alone. They give you so much meat that the bread is essentially there like a garnish, but I must say a delicious one. They use Jewish rye for their sandwiches and it’s a perfect touch. Mix that with the Russian dressing and coleslaw (which I hate) and you have perfection. Even with bullshit ass coleslaw on it. Also the buffalo chicken wrap was fucking delicious as well.. not beating Belmont Grill (which I mentioned in episode 1 of the Just Grubbin Podcast) but it’s tied with the Perky Cafe at number 2 on my big board of BUFF-A-LOWWWWW wraps.


Diane’s is so good that I ended up going back 5 times in 8 days.. yes you read that right 5 times…a work week. Each time I bought a different meal, like the hot roast beef Reuben, hot Romanian pastrami, hot corn beef patty melt, the roast beef hoagie, and the Heart Burner (hot Italian sausage, melted provolone, fried onions, hot peppers, and Russian dressing) and each time Diane’s delivered like Tom Brady in clutch time, I haven’t had a bad meal yet. HERE IS THE BEST PART THOUGH! I’ve gotten like 7 different sandwiches and I’ve probably spent 50-60 bucks . Cheap ANDDDD delicious?


Can’t beat that. I do have to go try their breakfast out one day because it HAS to be good.
I definitely give Diane’s sidewalk deli the Tom Brady rating. GOAT, THE BEST,  THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER LIKE IT! (again, not up for debate, that’s what your Aunt Patrice is there for).


Random Gripe of the Week:


To all you guys out there… hanging on to whats left of your hairline….not shaving it off….bruh… just c’mon home and cut it off. You’re making the bald community look bad. To put it bluntly you look stupid, and clearly you have no friends who love you because they won’t tell you. If you’re hairline is starting in the back of your head, just take a deep breath in the mirror…coach yourself up…knowing it’s for the greater good….and cut it off man. Can’t just be rolling around with the Larry David, Stephen A. Smith and the Lebron man. I had to face reality at some point also but I did, and now I’m bald and beautiful.


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