News – “5 Fast Food Places That Can Be in Your Next Bar Crawl” – The next time you’re thinking about where to grab a drink with friends, Taco Bell and Chipotle may be part of the conversation. Those two chains are not just about tacos and burritos anymore, with Chipotle offering margaritas with blanco tequila and Taco Bell selling sangria.

In Japan, Starbucks has an entire menu devoted to evening drinks, including a mango passion beer and a shaken espresso brew. If you’re in France, you can try out a local Kronenberg beer at any McDonald’s restaurant.

Here are five fast food chains that want to get in on your next bar crawl.

Oooooo I’m all about some Taco Bell, Chipotle or Dennys to be incorporated into my bar crawl…some delicious cheap and easy food with a side of the bubble guts is EXACTLY what one needs to make a night complete.

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