News – “Burger King Burns Wendy’s By Promoting Customer Complaint Tweets About Spicy Nuggets” Shortly after trolling Wendy’s with the release of their new spicy nuggets, Burger King burned their fast food rival even further with some of the most subtle savagery we’ve witnessed in internet history.


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The above tweet is a Wendy’s customer complaining about their spicy nuggets leaving the menu. If you look closely, though, you’ll see that the tweet is promoted by Burger King. That doesn’t mean that Burger King commissioned people to lament to Wendy’s via Twitter. Instead, they dug up a bunch of old tweets that were already online and paid to spread their reach even further. Here’s a few more hilarious and brutal examples:



I’ve stated multiple times at this point how Wendy is my boo but I can’t defend her here….I love the spicy chicken nuggets and they broke my heart when they took them off the menu without a explanation.

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