Southbound and Down… Southbound BBQ Co.- West Chester, PA

So I was invited to play in a company softball tournament last week…couple things come to mind No Beer, No Alcohol, and bring your own food…Welllllll the food part I was thrown a curveball!! They had Southbound BBQ Company serve all the employees. They did not let me down…

As soon as I saw this it was onnnnnnnnnn!!! I’m thinking to myself this better not be free because if it is….I’m going YARD!!!

Guess what….it was free and I decided to go for the double…since the company prepaid you had two options Smoked Prime Beef Brisket or Carolina Style Smoked Pulled Pork. Along with that you had the choice to add two sides…Baked Mac n Cheese, Southern Style Cornbread, and/or Creamy Coleslaw (Which I hate cole slaw so you know I didn’t even bother trying it).

For my first at-bat I decided to go with the pulled pork sandwich…man was it good… served on a potato bun and topped with there “Carolina-style vinegar based mop sauce”, which gave it really good flavor. 100% I wanted more but the portions were small since it was a corporate event. Now the sides weren’t to shabby. The baked Mac & Cheese had nice flavor especially with the various cheeses they used. I’m not crazy about Mac & Cheese so I’d say it was pretty good… better then Kraft lol. The corn bread on the other hand… it wasn’t too bad but I’ve had better. I’d prefer some big momma corn bread lol or this one spot when I was in South Carolina.

For my last at-bat i went back for second and figured I’d try the beef brisket… SLAMMING!! Nice and tender. Great flavor. Shout out to Southbound again because they make some good meats. Really would love to try some more of their BBQ. The second piece of cornbread was better… maybe because it was a center piece and not a corner lol. If I had use one picture to describe how good the food was…. HERE IT IS…

Hittin!! Didn’t leave a crumb. Overall give B+ because the meats were just too good. I hope my job gets them to cater an event again 🙌🏽

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