Grubbin Sports College Football – Friday the 13th was REAL this week for Clemson & Wazzu

I’m not one for superstitions or whatever people believe Friday the 13th means but something FUNKY happened and it had Freddy Krueger and Jason written all over it.

Clemson came into the Carrier Dome as 23 point favorites and left with more questions than answers. Syracuse controlled that game from jump and even though they tried to give it away on multiple occasions, came away with the upset. Losing QB Kelly Bryant in the second half didn’t help but even with him in I’m not sure if Clemson leaves with the W.

Then there was the Washington StateCal game where the ‘Cougs came in as 16 point favorites and got MOLLY WOPPED like a bunch of chumps. It looked good early when they took the opening kickoff back for a TD but it was overturned by a holding call. From there it was just a rash of turnovers and an overall lack of effort. Mike Leach was pissed after the game and rightfully so. I have a feeling this team comes out swinging against Colorado this week and gets back on track. They may have needed this embarrassment to get mindset right as the press clippings were giving them a big head.

Side note: The Washington Huskies sucked just as bad as Wazzu on Saturday night dropping a stinker to Arizona State. We will call that one a Friday the 13th hangover game.

Oh and if the below video of Dino and the ‘Cuse postgame doesn’t get you hype then check your pulse because you may be dead….

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