News – “Gordon Ramsay Calls Cocaine The Restaurant Industry’s ‘Dirty Little Secret'”

foodbeast.comLast Christmas, celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay was disturbed by an incident involving drugs that took place at one of his restaurants. A customer took a plate to the bathroom to snort some cocaine, then returned it to a waiter and asked to trade it for a clean plate. On the heels of that, Chef Ramsay had all of his restaurants’ toilets swabbed for the drug. Only one of his establishments turned up free of cocaine. He has since told outlets, including the Guardian, that cocaine is the restaurant industry’s “dirty little secret” that is widely done but scarcely discussed.


Following those events, Ramsay has been inspired to make a new two-part documentary about cocaine use in the restaurant industry. Called Gordon on Cocaine, the documentary will follow Chef Ramsay’s escapades to Colombia, where he witnesses the drug being cooked, meets with smugglers and assassins, and even joins an anti-narcotics team on a raid. Ramsay will then return to Britain to join up with police making various drug busts and stopping massive deals, along with discussing the ramifications of cocaine.

I love Gordon Ramsay and this documentary sounds dope as hell but I just needed a excuse to post this gif.Image result for cocaine a hell of a drug gif

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