News – “Applebee’s Bartender Leaks Video Of Dollaritas Being Made With Mostly Water”

foodbeast.comApplebee’s made tons of people happy when they announced that they would be selling one dollar margaritas all month long. It turns out that there was a catch to this thrifty alcohol deal: the drink itself is extremely cheap to make. An Applebee’s bartender who prepped buckets of the Dollaritas pulled the curtain on how they’re made in their Snapchat story.


Late night confession from an @applebees bartender. #dollarita #applebees

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The unknown bartender claims that their location makes 12 gallons of this “swill” every day. Assuming that every store is at that pace, with over 2,000 locations at Applebee’s, that translates to over 720,000 gallons that the chain is cranking out this month, with at least 430,000 of those gallons being straight-up tap water.


To be honest, though, with a drink as cheap as a dollar, was anybody really expecting more bang from these Dollaritas? It’s a clever strategy from Applebee’s to draw more traffic for sure. We’ll have to wait and see if it translates to increased food sales, however.

I mean what the hell did ya’ll expect for a damn dollar?!

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