JG Original: 5 Food Shows You Wish Were Still On The Air

The increase in demand to cash in on the cooking television trend usually signals the decrease in quality of what will come out. This is also the reason I’m ready to go ham when a good one ends its run. I made a list of the top 5 shows I wish were still in production; I mean not all is lost with the majority of these shows still in syndication or streaming somewhere. The thought of never seeing a new episode though still stings just a little.

5) Kitchen ConfidentialIMG_1028
This show is dope AF. The only reason it comes in at #5 is because, technically it’s not a typical food show. It is based on Anthony Bourdain’s New York Times best selling book, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures In The Culinary Underbelly. The true genius of the show is showcasing the wild, raucous environment that comes with working in just about any kitchen; as well as the melting pot of personalities blended together. At the intersection of drugs, alcohol, woman, & late nights sits, Kitchen Confidential.

4) Good EatsIMG_1029
Renaissance man creator/host Alton Brown was the brainchild behind this show. Good Eats ran for 14 seasons as each episode was usually set around a specific food theme, whether it be an ingredient or style of cooking. The show explored the science of cooking and history behind the food. It also did a good job of breaking down kitchen tools and showing DIY versions of expensive equipment.

3) Dinner and a MovieIMG_1030
This right here was my Friday night cap back in middle school. I made sure to bring my ass home before 10 p.m., not only because ass whippings were a real thing, but because I loved this show. Deadpanish, off center comedy, a cooking lesson and a fresh movie until I blackout. Dope.

2)T he Best Thing I Ever AteIMG_1031
It’s hard not to put this at the top spot, but I have my reasons. Each show revolved around a certain main dish, side dish, or accompaniment. Celebrity Chefs and food personalities then share their favorite place to order it from. They didn’t just tell you though; we actually got to see them go into that kitchen as the Chef gave a run down on the creation and preparation of the dish.

1) The F Word(UK version)IMG_1032

And still champioooooonnnn lol nah. The ever entertaining Gordon Ramsay first won me over with Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. The U.K. original version to its US counterpart Kitchen Nightmares. The F Word was drastically and refreshingly different. It showed the chefs vulnerable and fun loving side, incorporating his family in most episodes you get to see Ramsay in a whole other light. He gave mini cooking lessons from his home, let up-and-coming chefs stage in his restaurant for a chance to work for him. Chef Ramsay also paid visits to the homes of self-proclaimed horrible cooks; where he would walk them through dummy proof recipes of complex meals. The US version of this show aired earlier this year, but to me it’s kind of like that Ashford & Simpson song……. Ain’t nothing like the real thing baby…




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      Lol well the list is objective it’s def one of the best food shows I’ve watched so it made the list. The next list I do I’ll make sure to consult you first tho lol

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