News – “We tried a food-delivery system that’s about to blow up the healthy-fast-food scene — and it was shockingly good” – LeCupboard dispenses healthy, personalized, prepared meals out of machines.

  • We tried three leCupboard dishes — two meals and a dessert — and the taste blew us away.
  • Its founder, Lamiaa Bounahmidi, believes the startup helps address nutritional problems that arise when people choose convenience over health.

Lamiaa Bounahmidi may have a solution to your diet woes: a vending machine.

Bounahmidi is leading a San Francisco-based startup called leCupboard, which dispenses healthy, personalized, prepared meals out of vending machines. The startup’s goal is to get people to think differently about healthy food by making it as convenient as fast food.

Customers simply press a button on one of the machines — which Bounahmidi calls “cupboards” — and out comes a vegan snack or meal in a reusable glass container. The dishes cost between $6 and $13, and most are high in protein and whole grains.

LeCupboard’s 15 locations are all in downtown San Francisco in semiprivate spaces like coworking areas, schools, and hospitals.

My leCupboard taste test

On a recent visit to one vending machine, I ordered and sampled three items, each of which was filling enough to stand on its own.

Bounahmidi recommended I start with a lighter dish as a sort of appetizer, then try a more filling main course, followed by a dessert.

I tapped my selection on leCupboard’s touchscreen and was able to enter any dietary restrictions. Options included “avoid gluten” and “avoid nuts” — if I had used it, the feature would have excluded options that included those ingredients — but since I don’t have celiac disease or an allergy, I skipped that step.

Within 30 seconds, my first ready-to-eat entree came out.

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