News – “Scammer gets $1,600 out of manager of Omaha fast-food restaurant”

omaha.comA manager at an Omaha fast-food restaurant told police that the business had been scammed out of $1,600 by someone posing as a corporate executive.

The manager of the South Omaha restaurant said he received a phone call about 11:30 p.m. Oct. 10 from someone purporting to be from corporate headquarters. According to a police report, the caller said he was conducting an internal investigation of the restaurant’s general manager.


The caller instructed the manager to take $1,600 from the store safe and buy prepaid debit cards. When the manager expressed concern over the transaction, he was told the investigator was “trying to keep the store from closing.”

The manager eventually went to a grocery store and purchased the cards. He then read the card numbers to the caller and was told to throw the cards away.

Let me find out the Brooklyn scammers are finding new territory out in Omaha smh, and why doesn’t this manager not know his bosses??

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