JustGrubbinTV: Bowlero –  Feasterville, PA Grand Opening Hosted by Philadelphia Eagles Legend Brian Westbrook

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Lauren and Mo had the chance to cover the much anticipated Grand Opening of Pennsylvania’s newest entertainment destination – Bowlero Feasterville.  It took place Saturday, October 21st and the event included free bowling, laser tag, arcade games and a chance to meet and bowl with NFL Legend and Former Philadelphia Eagle, Brian Westbrook.

They also had a chance to try the nationally recognized Behemoth Burger—a 5-lb, 14-inch-round party burger that’s been named one of America’s top burgers, the infamous Pizza Cake, the Chitown Megadog, and the delightful Pizza Cupcakes. They ended up so stuffed with mouth-watering grub they almost had to take a nap in the Media booth. Seriously though Bowlero is an awesome time for everyone… adults, kids, and whatever in between. Just read what Mo had to say about it:

This past weekend Feasterville, PA held the grand opening of its newest hot spot; Bowlero. Part bowling alley, part arcade, part restaurant, and everything in between. This family fun center opened its doors to the public in grand flare and style, as JustGrubbin was given the VIP red carpet treatment. Former Philadelphia Eagles star running back Brian Westbrook was on hand for the festivities and damn did he draw a crowd!

The atmosphere was full of electricity as the newly remodeled venue was given a big Feasterville welcome from the community. Bowlero showed its gratitude by giving away free arcade games, free bowling and a huge tasting from its insanely unique and appetizing menu. There was also a raffle for a chance to bowl against NFL legend Brian Westbrook. He also signed autographs, shook hands and posed for pictures with the public; heck I may have even seen him take an order or two. He was great sport and the city came out to show him much love.

Now, for the portion of the ceremony where it was our time to shine. The foooooood! The kitchen staff came out in waves with enormous sharable concoctions; including a 5 pound Behemoth Burger that looked like something out of the Guinness Book of World Records. It was quite the sight to behold. We were given generous samples of a 4 layer Pizza Cake filled with enough cheese, sauce, pepperoni, and sausage to make Pizza Uno jealous. A two-foot long Chi Town Mega Dog topped with spicy peppers, onions, pickles, tomatoes, mustard, and relish. Our last sample wasn’t anything crazy, you know, just some Pizza Cupcakes! Pizza dough in cupcake form stuffed with cheese, sauce, and I’m sure you can use your imagination it was amazing. I think the Behemoth and the Chi Town mega were at the top of my list. The burger being cooked at a perfect medium with cheese bacon lettuce and tomato, I can’t ask much more than that. The Mega dog and it’s classic Chicago style ingredients made it hard for me not to say it was my favorite.

The cocktails were also t.i.t.s (this is the shit) my Moscow Mule was on point and our wonderful waitress’ recommendations helped guide us through the drink menu. The opening was a great success and the people of Northeast Philly are lucky to have this stunning venue at their disposal. So, if you’re reading this and haven’t made plans to make your way to Bowlero yet this weekend, I only have one question. What the hell are you waiting for?

Trust us when we say that the JG team will definitely be back!





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