News – “Beyond Delivery and DiGiorno: Why Fast-Casual Pizza Is So Hot”

eater.comIn 1984, Tom Monaghan realized his clientele had a need for speed. In a foolhardy claim, the co-founder of Domino’s Pizza promised that his delivery drivers could get hot, cheesy pies from its stores to customers’ doors in less than 30 minutes — he even slapped a money-back guarantee on it.

Although the 30-minute delivery pledge was discontinued by 1993, over the past decade, new pizza franchises and standalone stores have made similar claims. The new guard promises to serve pizza made with high-quality, organic ingredients at the jaw-dropping speeds of delivery pizza. The catch is that now, while customers can get their pie from dough to plate in five minutes or less, they’ll be seated at a table in the restaurant, not on the couch at home.

While fast-casual pizza is still a relatively young concept, affordable, in-dining pizzerias are slowly edging into Domino’s territory. West Coast-based chains like Blaze and MOD Pizza churn out hundreds of affordable, personal-sized pies for lunch and dinner crowds at their stores across the nation. Orange County-based Pieology and Dallas-based Pie Five, among others, are all looking to, well, claim a piece of the pie. Meanwhile, upstarts like New York City’s Martina, part of the same group that runs Shake Shack, are fusing fine-dining elements into the fast-casual pizza industry.

I love the progression of fast casual dining options we have popping up all over America, it makes my inner fat man do a jig

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