Grubbin Sports College Football: Memo From The Big 12 to Kansas – “21 Total Yards? You’re So Lucky Your Basketball Team is Legit.”

Well we all knew Kansas was bad but only mustering 21 yards against TCU??? That is horrid. When something like this happens you have to ask yourself as a program if you should step down to D2. And yes I mean Division 2. Not even FCS (D1AA). Just skip right down to D2 so maybe you can gain 300 yards and win 6 games a year….MAYBE.
Okay maybe that is a little bit of an overreaction but at this point they should not be a Power 5 football team. Hell they were beat by Central Michigan by 18 and Ohio by 12 already this season. They are literally 0-2 versus the almighty MAC. They do have one FCS win against SE Missouri who has a whopping 2-5 record this year. Maybe my D2 comment isn’t too far off now that I think of it…

And I leave you with this which is Kansas’s record the last 8 seasons. Putrid would probably be a compliment at this point. Thankfully for Kansas fans basketball season is right around the corner. Rock Chalk!!!

Editors note: Kansas has lost 44 straight road games……44!! Their last road win was in 2009…..

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