News – “This Map Shows the Most Popular Fast Food Restaurant in Every State” – Every region of America has a fast food chain most associated with it. On the West Coast, you have In-N-Out. In the Midwest, you have Culver’s. In the South, you have Chik-Fil-A. And so on. But just because a fast food restaurant is associated with a state doesn’t mean it’s everybody’s favorite.

Business Insider attempted (note, I said attempted) to determine every state’s most popular fast food restaurant. To do so, they looked at the app FourSquare, which is similar to Yelp, and took the average of visits to each fast food chain and divided it by the number of locations that chain has in that state. If that sounds like a bizarre methodology to you, wait until you see the results:

most popular fast food chain map

This seems about right I guess, but shoutout to South Dakota loving them some Popeye’s….I see you!

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