THE WEEK IN GRUB: 10/15 – 10/22

Here’s a summary of what’s been happening in the Just Grubbin universe from this past week:

Reviews & Media

  • Leer said Diane’s Delis located in Chesterbrook, PA is simply the best.
  • Chino reviewed Southbound BQ CO. located in West Chester, PA.
  • Grubbin Sports: College Football- Friday The 13th was real this week for Clemson & Wazzu.
  • Grubbin Sports: College Football Week 7 Preview.
  • Mo gave us 5 food shows you wish were still on the air.


  • 8 hangover cures from around the world.
  • Mexico City’s street food vendors regroup and return after the earthquake.
  • The cheese pulls on these mini Bolognese pies are ridiculous.
  • 5 fast food places that can be in your next bar crawl.
  • Arby’s added venison to the a menu in Wichita.
  • Burger King roasts Wendy’s by promoting customer complaint tweets about spicy nuggets.
  • 5 fast food chains that will dominate the world.
  • Gordon Ramsay calls cocaine the restaurant industry’s ‘dirty little secret‘.
  • Facebook now lets you order food.
  • Restaurant caught selling Popeye’s chicken as their own.
  • Applebee’s bartender leaks video of dollaritas being made with mostly water.
  • Mars candy backs series of bite sized horror shorts.
  • Junk technology: a ridiculous history of fast food pr stunts.
  • Pizza Hut launches parka featuring same technology in their delivery bags.
  • 7 things to know about Martha & Snoops potluck dinner party.
  • Tennesse Food Lion is selling fire Butch Jones pastries.
  • JB Smoove gets musical for Crown Royal Regal Apple.
  • This is the most popular fast food chain on social media.
  • Score free Taco Bell is MLB players deliver during the World Series.
  • Watch news anchors lose their minds over the pumpkin spice latte.
  • man gets 37k after police mistake donut glaze in his car for meth.
  • We tried a food delivery system that’s about to blow up the healthy fast food scene…and it was shockingly good.

That sums of this week in Grub, it was a light week but make sure to keep checking the blog to see what else we have in store! Also be sure to check out our content on Feast.Media.

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