News – “GOOGLE DRONE DELIVERY: THE FUTURE OF BURRITOS, DRUGS AND FAST FOOD” – The famed owner of Google is testing a dream drone delivery service: burritos sent straight to your yard.

The team at Project Wing—the drone-flying brainchild of Google’s parent company, Alphabet X, is pairing with a Tex-Mex food chain, Guzman y Gomez, to experiment with drone delivery for the restaurant’s burritos, chips and guacamole. Customers in Australia are helping test the delivery system by purchasing items via a phone app—think Seamless with drone-speed delivery to a backyard or doorstep. 

The drones are “hybrid aircraft” that fly and hover in place, allowing them to gain access to hard-to-reach locations quickly. They reach around 75 miles per hour and can travel about 6 miles from their takeoff spots.

The Project Wing company first tested drone delivery in 2016 at Virginia Tech, where it lowered Chipotle burritos into a spacious pickup location, much to the delight of students. Now, the company is getting more detailed and tackling burrito delivery to specific addresses, a task that is not without challenges, according to James Burgess, a leader on the project.

“Our drones are able to deliver items almost anywhere—backyards, public parks, farmlands or even fire-breaks,” Burgess wrote on Medium. “But we need to train our systems to reliably identify safe and convenient delivery locations.”

The company constructed a custom “drone mothership” for Guzman y Gomez, so employees can dispatch drones to pick up orders from a restaurant and then transport and deliver the goods to customers at home. Alphabet X is hardly the first tech giant to test drone delivery; competitor Amazon Prime Air dropped off bottles of sunscreen at a tech conference in March.

Man oh man what a time to be alive, I said it previously on this blog but we truly aren’t going to have to leave the house anymore for anything…….not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.


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