News – “Taco Bell’s Kit Kat ‘Chocoladilla’ has 1 Big Problem, and It’s Not About the Food” – Taco Bell thinks it can sell us absolutely anything with the right marketing. And if the social media response to its Kit Kat “Chocoladilla” is any indication, it’s probably correct. 

But there is one potential problem. More on that later.

The company tested its quesadilla-dessert mashup, which is literally just a Kit Kat bar melted in a tortilla instead of the standard cheese, at locations in the United Kingdom and word broke last week that the oddity is coming to certain restaurants in Wisconsin.

When news broke that Taco Bell was putting chocolate in something on social media, it quickly started trending on Google and elsewhere, with responses ranging from immediate revulsion to serious FOMO.

Alright WISCONSIN friends…have you tried the  at @tacobell yet?!? We’re dying to know how it is!!!


The annals of fast food promotional product history is littered with weird edibles, from the McRib sandwich to Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappucino, but the Chocoladilla is singularly simple and even lazy, which might make it disturbingly brilliant.

Few things could be easier to make than melted Kit Kats inside a tortilla. Even coffee and s’mores take more effort. It’s reminiscent of those galling restaurants that charge as much as ten dollars for a plate of macaroni and cheese off the children’s menu and then bring out a dish of what is very clearly reheated Kraft Mac and Cheese. 

The whole thing is just a big no for me dog

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