News – “10 of the Highest Calorie Fast Food Menu Items Ever”

foodbeast.comReal talk, we can’t be expected to eat healthy all the time. Everyone has cheat meals — or entire cheat days — and that can range from a handful of honey-roasted peanuts to a hefty plate of nachos the size of an infant (I’ll take the latter).


And fast food drive-thrus make it all too easy to obtain a glorious snack-meal that is in no way good for the human digestive system. But we do it anyway. Then we come down off of our high and groan out words like, “Oh, I shouldn’t have done that,” even though deep down we know we’ll absolutely pull this again soon enough.


So let’s talk about those fast food menu items we consider both a blessing and a curse, all those enticing items that dwell north of 1,000-calorie mark. Some crashed into our lives and then fled the menu; others are totally available to order as soon as you finish this list. And for the record, if you don’t count calories, keep in mind that the recommended daily intake of calories is 1,500 – 2,500 for women and 2,000 – 3,000 for men. We’re talking serious gut punches here.


Chicken Rings (20 piece) // White Castle (1,050 Calories)

Not even gonna lie…scrolling this list made me hungry instead of disgusted….don’t judge me.

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