News – “Major Grocers Are Now Adding Self-Serve Mochi Ice Cream Bars To Select Stores”

foodbeast.comEarlier this year, Whole Foods made waves when it began incorporating self-serve mochi ice cream bars into some of its stores across the country. The thought of grab-and-go handheld ice cream was extremely appealing to customers, and the Amazon-owned grocer’s rivals took notice. Now, several of them are beginning to incorporate their own self-serve mochi ice cream bars as well.


The self-serve stations are being operated by My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream, who was already producing the treats for stores. Companies like Albertson’s, Wegmans, Pavilions, and even Kroger are implementing the on-the-go ice cream for customers to get experiences similar to that of Whole Foods. You can simply select the number you want out of the freezer, which contains multiple flavors of mochi ice cream, and then purchase them on your way out.

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even know what Mochi ice cream is but it looks like something I can fuck with so I’m not opposed to this.


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