Tavern 1929 – Estes Park, CO

Another staple of a Colorado vacation is a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park which is located near the stunning Estes Park, Colorado.  Try to picture a shore town except instead of everyone being there for the beach, everyone is there for the mountains.  Just a couple of hours outside the city of Denver it’s 100% worth the drive. As soon as you come around the last pass of the highway you are immediately taken aback by this massive collection of mountains, lakes and elk just wondering around. I like to believe being there helps you to relax but I have an overwhelming feeling it’s just the lack of oxygen from the altitude calming you down.

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Regardless, it’s an amazing place with an endless supply of places to eat with amazeballs views. We ended finding this little place called Tavern 1929 located on Mary’s Lake in Estes Park, CO. It’s in the middle of this resort which is used primarily as a weddings venue for the obvious reason, it’s beautiful. I feel like I’m being repetitive whenever I talk about places in CO having a great beer selection but that’s because they all do. Colorado is a beer state for sure, no two places have the same selection and I have yet to find a place that I can’t find at least 1 beer I love. The other benefit of Colorado is the freshness of their meats, weird statement, I know. But it’s for the same reason you’d get great seafood down the shore you’re closer to the source.


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That being said I decided to get a little adventurous and ordered wild game sliders meaning elk. This was my first time eating elk however, it just furthered my belief that I’d never make it as a vegetarian. I was probably eating the elk I saw wandering around earlier that day and it was delicious. The look and taste are similar to beef but, almost a little richer. It didn’t really need anything, other than cheese obviously, but that was it. I think a good way to tell if a place makes good specialty sandwiches is if they can make the basics amazing. I paired my elk with some top-notch spinach dip and a delicious refreshing beer before sliding into my state of zen. If you’re passing through Rocky Mountain National park definitely swing through Tavern 1929 for some post mountain meals.

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