News – “Police Hunt Woman Who Scams Restaurants by Pretending to Choke on Food” – Quebec police are on the hunt for a woman suspected of stealing hundreds of dollars of free meals from at least 120 restaurants across a swathe of land from Quebec City through to Granby in recent weeks.

According to Le Journal de Québec, the realization that the same woman might be behind a string of thefts came after a Quebec City restaurateur put the suspect’s face on social media. Owner of La Galette Libanaise Tony Tannous says the woman visited one of his restaurants Saturday, and after publishing surveillance footage, he was deluged with calls from other restaurateurs who said they had dealt with the same woman.

The woman reportedly posed as a customer who had ordered take-out from the restaurants — she allegedly came into the restaurants claiming to have choked on a piece of plastic wrap in her (non-existent) meal, and demanded a full refund for the food she claimed to have purchased. In some cases, she allegedly said that Sûreté du Québec officers who happened to be on hand had to perform the Heimlich maneuver to save her.

Donc voici une meilleur image / video de la dame qui s’amuse a profiter du bon service de du bon des gens, elle se pré…

Posted by Tony Tannous on Sunday, October 22, 2017

According to Le Journal de Québec, she would not accept offers of free food or replacement meals — only cash. She allegedly told the restaurants that she could not produce a receipt because she had vomited on it while choking.

I feel like more and more lately i’m posting articles about these scammers, I know they’ve always been around…the old drop a nail into your double cheeseburger or the my coffee is too hot and burned me. I must admit I’ve never seen heard of a serial choker but salute to her for the creativity i guess? idk man

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