News – “Feds spend $174,792 taking pictures of food” – The National Science Foundation is spending roughly $175,000 on an anti-obesity study that involves taking pictures of food before obese people consume it.

Purdue University is overseeing the project, which is entitled, “Using Digital Images to Connect Eating Environment with Dietary Quality.” Researchers say the “fundamental question” is “where, how, and when” food is eaten.

The premise of the project is to investigate the “link between eating environment and dietary quality.”

“The project will use images from the food environment to address the fundamental question of where, how, and when food should be consumed to maximize health and prevent disease,” the grant states. “Monitoring the personal dietary environment and determination of environmental patterns related to dietary intake can empower both health care providers and patients to optimize evidence-based decisions.”

And to think I’ve been straight hustling backwards doing this for free smfh 

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