Manitou Brewing Company – Manitou Springs, CO

At the base of Pike’s Pike lives the hippie city of Manitou Springs, Colorado. A city populated by most likely every Grateful Dead fan that ever existed. In a town covered in tie dye and henna tattoo shops is one of my favorite spots in Colorado, Manitou Brewing Company. It has a great outdoor patio which, I admit, is on the smaller side so whatever conversation you have is essentially with everyone out there. If you’re thinking, “well people are polite enough to know not to involve themselves in a stranger’s conversation.” Please know you’re so wrong. The good/bad thing about these laid back free love areas is that people are almost aggressively friendly. Back when I took our fearless leader and my negro amigo Lauren here everyone within earshot decided to share their story of why they moved here. (Realistically they were probably just excited to make a new black friend) Editors note: Lauren confirms everything here and said aggressively friendly might even be an understatement lol

Outside of the lack of personal space Manitou Brewing has an awesome selection of beers and their appetizer game knows no rival. During my most recent trip there I couldn’t decide which sandwich I wanted so I went with straight up appetizers and it was everything I wanted. Fried pickles, pretzel bites and my mac & cheese. (#fitlife) If you truly knew my unrelenting love of cheese you’d understand why this is now my new favorite mac & cheese. The reason I fell in love so fast was not only the amount of cheese but, the way they all complimented each other. Not 1, not 2 but 3, 3 cheeses total! Once you broke through the top level and unleash the melty deliciousness all your problems just melt away.

Also, I don’t know where they get their pickles from but it must be from Pablo Escobar of pickles since these things were massive. I’ve eaten my fair share of pickles in my life which, might be the whitest statement I’ve made this week; however, these were next level. Just for scale these pickles chips were the same size as a toddler’s face. Find a toddler, look at their face and now picture a pickle chip. Absurd, right?  If you don’t believe me start planning a trip to Colorado and swing by Manitou. Peace and love man!

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