News – “Here’s What Halloween Treats To Avoid Feeding Your Dog”

foodbeast.comAs Halloween approaches, you’re probably heading to the stores, looking for candy that yourself and potential trick-or-treaters can enjoy. However, if you own a dog, you should also be careful of the candy you purchase and if Fido’s able to get a hold of it or not. Several candies can be potentially toxic to canines, and now is a prime time for those to be consumed. If you’re a dog owner, definitely be wary of the following Halloween treats getting near your pooch.

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Foodbeast sat down with Dr. Gary Richter, veterinary expert with pet-sitting business, to go into detail about what types of candies to avoid letting your canine getting into.


For Dr. Richter, the three most crucial ingredients to keep dogs away from are raisinschocolate, and xylitol.


Raisins and Grapes


Raisins and grapes can actually cause acute kidney failure in dogs, which can lead to serious health consequences. The cause of this toxicity is unknown, but regardless, it’s best to avoid those in your treats altogether this year.

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