News – “Parents Fear Kids Will Be Given Edibles This Halloween, The Internet Collectively Laughs”

foodbeast.comThere are always concerns about dangerous things being found inside kids’ trick-or-treating bags. It’s usually something ridiculous, like, needles, or razor blades, but this year, all the rage seems to be edibles.

The New Jersey Department of Health is terrified that kids will be secretly getting marijuana edibles this Halloween, and they’ve issued a warning to parents, according to FOX 29.


They fear that edible gummies could be made to look like regular gummies, and if there’s anything that mortifies parents, is the thought of their kids getting drugged up.


While on the surface, you don’t want your kids getting secretly drugged, people who are actually familiar with edibles are calling BS on this report, and for good reason. The main issue on Twitter, as they ravage FOX’s report, is that no one’s going to waste their edibles to get kids high.

Just let me know where these houses are and I’ll go confiscate all these terrible people’s candy….and obviously report it to the proper authorities….obviously.

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