News – “These 10 Haunted Restaurants Will Definitely Give You The Chills”

foodbeast.comOver the years, tales of ghosts, creepy events, and horrifying images and sounds have spread regarding various restaurants. Whether it be a taco spot in Los Angeles with a mysterious disappearing man, or a bar where the chairs keep falling over on their own, haunted restaurants and their creepy allure have drawn the attention of many. If you’re interested in scoping out one of these spots for a creepy Halloween experience, or are just addicted to seeing footage and hearing tales of these spooky eateries, peep the videos below… if you dare.


Poltergeist at a British Pub?

The owner of Tyler’s Guild pub in Canterbury, Kent, is worried his establishment is haunted. Recent security footage shows umbrellas opening, chairs sliding, and items moving around the restaurant on their own, as if someone is roaming around at night. There have not been any visible ghosts yet, but based on the clips above, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s at least one messing with the pub.

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