Grubbin Sports College Football: Initial Reaction to the First Playoff Rankings

The first College Football Playoff rankings were released Tuesday night and there’s definitely a couple of interesting stories to say the least. Overall I didn’t disagree too much with anything but lets break down the initial rankings a little.

The Battle For #1 & #2

There was a lot of conversation heading into Tuesday night about Georgia and Alabama. The eye test says ‘Bama was the best team but looking at resumes so far it was clearly Georgia. The Committee got it right though because as of right now Georgia has just done more. However, looking forward ‘Bama has the most potential to make up ground with three Top 25 teams left on their schedule. The real question will be if those teams will be in the Top 25 at season’s end. Good thing for ‘Bama is they will have a shot to settle the debate for #1 with Georgia in the SEC championship game.


Georgia 8-0

Current Top 25 Wins: 3 Notre Dame & 16 Mississippi State

Future Top 25 Matchups: 14 Auburn


       Alabama 8-0

Current Top 25 Wins: None

Future Top 25 Matchups: 19 LSU, 16 Mississippi State & 14 Auburn

Last 2 In First 2 Out

Notre Dame just looks like the best 1 loss team out there and they have beaten teams convincingly to prove that. They also have the best loss out of the group which is to Georgia and two top 25 matchups left. Clemson is at number 4 which I don’t necessarily mind with two big wins already but I don’t buy yet that they win out and they are automatically in. That bad loss to Syracuse still counts and I am tired of all of the excuses that Kelly Bryant got hurt. I watched that whole game and Bryant didn’t play defense which was getting torched and when he was in they were still losing so it was a BAD loss. If it comes down to it i don’t see them jumping Notre Dame, Bama or Georgia, Wisconsin if they are undefeated and win the Big 10 or an Ohio State Big 10 champ. Then it comes down to how they would matchup against a one loss Big 12 champ. But if ND drops a game then everything I just wrote doesn’t matter. As for Oklahoma and Ohio State I agree head to head prevails for now and if the Sooners win out they will have a better resume than Ohio State. Plus their loss keeps looking better every week.

      Notre Dame 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: 24 Michigan State, 17 USC & 20 NC State

Future Top 25 Matchups: 10 Miami & 21 Stanford

Loss: 1 Georgia

     Clemson 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: 14 Auburn & 13 Virginia Tech

Future Top 25 Matchups: 20 NC State

Loss: Syracuse

     Oklahoma 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: 6 Ohio State

Future Top 25 Matchups: 11 Oklahoma State & 8 TCU

Loss: 15 Iowa State

    Ohio State 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: 7 Penn State

Future Top 25 Matchups: 24 Michigan State

Loss: 5 Oklahoma

Coming Off A Loss

That Penn State collapse proved they just aren’t good enough. Barkley was held in check other than the opening kickoff and the big touchdown in the 1st half. The fact that he only had 6 rushes at halftime is the real noodle scratcher. You have the best back in the country so feed the man. That loss is on Franklin for sure. TCU may have come back down to reality against Iowa State which again still isn’t a bad loss in theory but their only touchdown was a house call off the second half kickoff. Long hill to climb for them.

      Penn State 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: None

Future Top 25 Matchups: 24 Michigan State

Loss: 6 Ohio State

       TCU 7-1

Current Top 25 Wins: 11 Oklahoma State

Future Top 25 Matchups: 5 Oklahoma

Loss: 15 Iowa State

                             That Zero Doesn’t Mean Much

I think the “None” in the current top 25 wins category explains these rankings. Wisconsin hasn’t played a soul yet and won’t until the Big 10 championship as the Michigan matchup doesn’t look as good now.  Still Big 10 Champs at 13-0 gets them in the playoff. A loss before that and they are doneski in my opinion. Miami are the cardiac kids as they should have dropped two games by now but hey a win is a win so they stay undefeated. Two big games against Virginia Tech and Notre Dame will show if they are the real deal or not.


   Wisconsin 8-0
Current Top 25 Wins: None

Future Top 25 Matchups: None

   Miami 7-0

Current Top 25 Wins: None

Future Top 25 Matchups: 13 Virginia Tech & 3 Notre Dame

It is going to get REAL interesting soon folks. Monster matchups each of the next 5 weeks will really shape this playoff picture. Gotta love college football…

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