Grubbin Sports College Football: The Joey Freshwater Talk is Going to Heat Up REAL SOON

Look at that Mac Daddy Lane Kiffin just out here transforming the mighty Florida Atlantic Owls into a high flying offensive juggernaut. Sitting pretty at 5-3 and undefeated in the conference the Owls enter a bye week in the driver’s seat of Conference USA. But that’s not the story I am trying to tell right now.

With the recent firing of Jim McElwain, the impending departure of Butch Jones at Tennessee, the Ole Miss scandal and a possible opening at Texas A&M it will be VERY tempting for teams not to at least take a look at Lane Kiffin. Two weeks ago his team put up over 800 yards of total offense and that is certainly going to catch the attention of some AD’s when it comes time to find a coach in the SEC…. especially with desperate need for talented offensive minds.

 I’m going to go ahead and say you can scratch Tennessee off that list entirely since Lane was already there for a year, broke every secondary rule violation they have in the NCAA rule book and then bolted for USC after creating the utter chaos. I only mentioned Tennessee to get you die hards feathers ruffled for a minute. With that being said Mississippi State could be open if the talks of Dan Mullen to Florida are true. Even though Lane can’t seem to keep himself out of trouble people will overlook those quirks and point to what he did offensively at ‘Bama and now with inferior talent at FAU.

       (Vols fans were just a tad upset)

The guy is an offensive genius and no one can dispute that but when it comes to people skills he is the absolute worst. He’s like the kid in 5th grade that just pokes people in the back of the head in class and when you turn around he puts his hands up like “what it wasn’t me” with a shit eating grin on his face that make’s you want to pull a Homer Simpson on him.

All that being said the legend of Joey Freshwater lives on as he scours the town in Boca bragging about his wins while trying to hit on the local talent. The question will be if Freshwater starts getting hit on by SEC athletic directors as this season starts to wind down and jobs start opening up.

Oh and I will leave you with this little clip that if it doesn’t get you HYPE then you don’t have a pulse. Actually on second thought Lane might be the one that doesn’t have one…..Enjoy.



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