News – “As It Tries Selling Gyros, Quiznos Gives Greek Food A Chance In The Spotlight”

forbes.comThe American restaurant industry couldn’t thrive without Greek-Americans. From South to the Great Lakes, East Coast to West, Greeks have made an undeniable contribution to feeding Americans.

But by and large, Greek food hasn’t been embraced by fast-food restaurants. On Wednesday, however, Quiznos, the sandwich chain, gave away free samples of a sandwich based on the Greek specialty called a gyro.

Traditionally, a gyro (pronounced “gear-oh” or “year-oh”) includes sliced lamb or beef, a tangy yogurt-based sauce called tzatziki, onions and tomatoes, wrapped in pita bread. They’re ubiquitous in places like Detroit’s Greektown or the one in Chicago, and you can often find them at Greek diners.

The  Quiznos versions are a little different (you might say, doctored up). They include a gyro flatbread, with beef, tomatoes, red onions, feta cheese, banana peppers and a cucumber tzatziki sauce.

I’m not a huge Quiznos guy but salute to them for trying something different to keep up with the ever changing food climate.

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