Pike’s Peak Summit House – Colorado

A staple of any Colorado vacation (other than the obvious recreational activities) is getting in some quality mountain time. Now I’m not suggesting you come in hot and try to hike up 14,000 feet however, you can get out your tourist pants on and head to Pike’s Peak. There are a couple different ways to enjoy the views from Pike’s; you can drive up it (which is terrifying so pack clean undies), hike it or you can buy a ticket to the Cog railway (my personal recommendation). For about $30 you can sit back, relax and drink in some views you just need to see to truly believe. Plus, since you have about 3 hours to kill round trip it’s the best time to par take in those recreation treats I mentioned earlier.

Another benefit to checking out the glory of America’s mountain is a simple one, there’s food at the top. Yes, that’s right food. But not just any food, donuts. Pike’s Peak Summit House figured out how to bake donuts at 14,000 feet above sea level and they quickly became a must have for visitors. Personally, I love baked goods (ironic considering I spend most of my time as a baked good) but I’ve always been a desert kind of gal I had to see what these donuts were all about.

I would rate them a solid 7/10. They serve them hot with a crispy outer layer complimented by a doughy inside. I’d like to believe that’s what clouds taste like. However, I do take issue with the fact that they don’t have any type of topping. I just spent an hour and a half climbing 14,000 feet in a train filled with toddlers and flip flop sock wearing tourists, would it kill you to throw some powdered sugar on these bitches? Maybe some cinnamon?  Regardless of their lack of sugary goodness, there’s something about staring out at an endless landscape of mountain tops while eating a donut you just need to do.

Even if you aren’t a donut person that’s ok! The Summit House offers a wide variety of treats to munch on including fudge, pretzels and Colorado’s famous green chili. If you really want to feel like a man just slam a bowl of spicy green chili on a mountain top. No matter what your snack of choice is there’s no reason not to check it out!

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