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News – “California restaurant transforms into McDowell’s from ‘Coming to America'” – HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES —

Remember McDowell’s? The McDonald’s knockoff featured in the Eddie Murphy film “Coming to America” was brought to life by a Hollywood restaurant for Halloween.

Fat Sal’s in Hollywood turned itself into McDowell’s for Halloween, and the line stretched out the door.

They offered their own version of the Big Mick, as well as the Sexual Chocolate Shake and the Zamunda Fries.

In the 1988 comedy, McDowell’s copies McDonald’s just a bit.

Owner Cleo McDowell explains to Murphy’s character: “Me and the McDonald’s people, we have this little misunderstanding. See they’re McDonald’s. I’m McDowell’s. They got the golden arches. Mine is the golden arcs.”

McDowell’s also offered the Big Mick sandwich. The big difference with the Big Mac? No sesame seeds.

Fat Sal’s transformation even got a shoutout on Twitter from Arsenio Hall, who co-starred in the film.

Hall tweeted: “If loving #McDowells is wrong … I don’t want to be right”. #ReverendBrown #ComingToFatSals”

This is nothing short of phenomenal, seriously….things like this needs to happen more often.

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